Mad-Libs Haiku Round-Up #1

Various Writers

Mr. Peace’s English and Journalism classes recently wrote some haikus. Students in each class completed a Mad-Libs-style exercise and then were given the titles for their haikus from the words and phrases written by the class before them.

Here is some of what they came up with:

Condiments Below Convenient Stores

by Anonymous

Walking down the road,

Guy offers me condiments

From below a store.


Steve Harvey Continuously Walking Within a House in the Middle of Nowhere

by Anonymous

His game show is gone

Walking in his empty house

Broke and, now, lonely


Mac and Cheese in a Graveyard at Night

by Anonymous

Someone dumped me here.

They spit me out and said, “Ew!”

Lying in the dirt.


Cold Little Caesars Pizza

by Gavin Anchondo

Gross pizza in fridge

“Hot and Ready” is no more

Microwave for days


Planters Mascot Sitting Unusually within a New and Empty House

by Brendan Franklin

Poor Mr. Peanut,

Sitting alone on his horse

That roams the bedroom


Dr. Phil Walking Above the Outskirts of Atlanta

by Anonymous

Seeing Dr. Phil

Walking above Atlanta

Can be concerning.