Poetry Corner: “Untitled”


Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash

Damion Smith, Guest Writer

I’ve hypnotized myself

Convinced myself that the black fog could cleanse my soul of the pain

It didn’t work

It tortured me

Ripped my heart out, gave me a blackened one

My feelings began to fade

All I felt was hate

You can’t control what you did not create

So why run from fate?

For a moment, I saw the old me

Happy, smiling

A part of me wanted it back, 45/55 to be precise

I wanted myself back

I jumped through the fire

The flame was scolding, burning my skin

I didn’t stop though

I took back me

And you can do the same

Have faith

Be strong

Don’t give up

Think about your loved ones

Think about whatever you need to

But take back yourself

I know you can do it, we all know you can do it

Don’t give up. Ever!