Behind the Counter at Chick-fil-A

Connor Richardson, Staff Writer

Imagine you are eating the best chicken of your life that has been blessed by God himself. Well, if you’ve ever had Chick-fil-a, that is exactly what has happened to you. You may eat at Chick-fil-a a lot, but have you ever thought about what working there is like? 

There are a lot of great aspects of working at Chick-fil-a that outshine the bad things about working there. One great thing would be that it is a very easy job to do once you work there for a week or two. During the first week or two you just train on the positions until you can do them fairly well. It’s great because normally you aren’t doing the same thing every day; you get to do a variety of things each day. Another strong point would be that the management is top notch: all of the managers are super nice and helpful. Everyone else working there would also be super nice because you have to be nice to get the job. The absolute best part of working there is the free food every day. My go-to order is chicken nuggets and waffle fries. 

 With all of these strengths, there obviously have to be some weaknesses, and there are. One weakness of working at Chick-fil-a would be the chores you have to do before leaving. They are very necessary, but they are also very boring. The biggest weakness, however, would definitely be expediting, especially in the summer. Expediting is taking the food from the window to the cars. Expediting has got to be the most boring job because it’s super easy, and you do the same thing all day. A way we make it less boring is by doing funny accents to the customers that don’t know us. 

Along with boring positions like expediting, there are also super fun ones to do. My favorite overall would have to be the dessert station. At the dessert station, you just make ice cream and milkshakes. My favorite milkshake would have to be the cookies and cream. Another great position would be register, because it is inside with air conditioning, and you get to go at your own pace most of the time. 

Chick-fil-a is definitely a great place to work, especially if you’ve never had a job before, because it is very easy to get used to. Chick-fil-a also helps with social skills and being more polite, as you’ve probably noticed the workers always say my pleasure.