Teachers React: Crate Challenge


Photo by Romain HUNEAU on Unsplash

Connor Richardson, Staff Writer

The “Crate Challenge” is a recent viral trend where you stack milk crates up in pyramid formation, and try to walk up and down them. This trend is very hard because at the top of the crates, it gets really hard to balance. Most people who attempt this end up falling from the very top, which can be a long drop. Teachers from Heritage were asked what they thought about this trend. 

Dr. Scott said that he believed that Coach Shurette would be the teacher with the best chance of completing this challenge. He said, “I think his history in ballet and the countless hours he spends in yoga class would greatly benefit him in this challenge.” Dr. Scott does not believe that he would get too far in this challenge. Dr. Scott thinks that the crate challenge is definitely not a good idea because it is pretty dangerous. “Any viral challenge that is causing injuries to people has to be on the stupid list, I think,” he said.

Mr. Whited thinks that Mrs. Parker would be the best teacher to do this challenge because she is good at balancing all of her responsibilities. “Her ability to raise 16 children, work full time, get three advanced degrees, and still go to three pool parties every weekend proves she has incredible balance,” he said. When asked how he would do on the crate challenge, he simply responded by saying, “This is the Matrix. There is no crate challenge.” On the scale from 1-10, 1 being a stupid idea and 10 being a good idea, Mr. Whited rates this trend a 1. He says “I rate this trend a 1, just ahead of another trend I like to call people believing politicians’ promises, which comes in at a rating of .231.”

Mrs. Taylor also thinks that Coach Shurette or Coach Claughter would be the best at this challenge. She noted that this challenge requires “good balance and agility.” If she were to do the crate challenge, Mrs. Taylor said she would get to the first crate before falling. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being a stupid idea and 10 being a good idea, Mrs. Taylor would rate this a 7. “Oh, it’s funny,” she said, “but pretty stupid because you can really get hurt. I’ve seen several people get hurt.” 

Overall, this trend has been rated and critiqued, and it is confirmed as a very bad idea that should not be done. This trend has a very low completion rate, so that’s also a sign not to do it.