Volleyball Season Update

Connor Richardson, Staff Writer

Hard work is something that every sport player goes through, and the Heritage volleyball team is no exception. Each practice these girls work hard, and it pays off. The varsity team has a record of 15-3, which puts them at 2nd in the region. They also won the silver bracket at North Forsyth’s Coal Mountain Classic tournament on August 28th. In addition, the JV team has shown their hard work with a record of 10-3. 

All of the players are saying that the Calhoun game has been the best game so far because everyone played well, and played as a team. “We played as a team, and it was really fun,” Lexi Berry said. The team is still fresh with new players, so everyone is still working on playing together and communicating as a team. When you look at the team there are a few players who truly stand out. Lauren Francis is one of those players, she shows incredible skill, and leadership on the court. “She is the best player I’ve ever seen in my whole life. And I want to be her,” Lexi Berry said. Other players who have stood out are Georgia Taylor and Lexi Berry, because they are freshmen playing on the Varsity team. There is also Abbey Blevins, who shows incredible leadership on the court. 

Some of the teams that the Lady Generals have beaten include Lakeview, Cedartown, and Southeast Whitfield County. Some losses include Lumpkin County, West Forsyth, and Winder-Barrow. 

The team is still fresh and new, but with what they have accomplished so far you can tell they are only going to get better. They work hard every day and it shows.