Student Art 11/8-11/12: Peters & Fennell

A note on the works featured in this gallery from Ms. Peters:

Art 1 Word Art: Learning Value. The students built a mood word (out of copy paper) in a way that visually reflects that word’s meaning, and then learned to shade by drawing their built sculpture.

Art 1 Dream Homes. The students designed and drew a house they would like to live in, in a one-point perspective drawing.

Advanced Students:

Unexpected Self-portraits: The students drew themselves from any angle other than from the “shoulders and up” point of view.

Narrative Piece: The students had to visually tell a story about themselves

Reflective Still life: The students assembled a still life made up of reflective and transparent objects, and then drew it.

The Circle projects from Mrs. Fennell’s class had students starting with the same, basic circle file, but, she said, “the completed designs end up very different from where they started.”