An Uncommon Prom


Cade Stone, Staff Writer

This year is going to be one of the best Proms, I can confidently say. Last year’s Prom was a historic first, as it was the first Prom to be hosted here at Heritage. This year, Junior class sponsors Mrs. Handy, Dr. Kemp and Mrs. Lann are planning this year’s Prom, which is taking place on Saturday, April 23rd at 7:00 p.m at The Commons in Collegedale.

According to Mrs. Lann, this year the teachers throwing the annual bash have really listened to the students from last year. We are getting a new DJ, DJ Rev from Nashville, more outdoor games, and, of course, a brand new place to have Prom. “We were looking around for venues and were getting ready to bite the bullet and have it here again until we found the most beautiful venue,” Mrs. Lann remarked. “There’s a lot of good spots to take pictures there, good places to eat [in the area], plus parking is free.” The Commons, which opened in 2018, is nothing short of amazing. Pictures of the building make clear just how great a venue it will be. The Commons has a perfect five out of five score on Trip Advisor and is one of the main attractions suggested when visiting Collegedale (alongside Collegedale landmarks like the Imagination Station and the Veteran’s Memorial Park).

Beginning March 1st – 4th, tickets go on sale on Gofan for $60.00. A link for purchase will be posted as March gets closer, so be on the lookout for that! From March 15th – 31st, tickets will be regular price, $65.00. The ticket price will increase from April 11th-19th to $75.00. April 20th-22nd will be students’ last chance to buy tickets, and they will be $80.00. All seniors get a free ticket, of course, so claim that before March 31st. Any questions about tickets can be answered by Mrs. Lann in room 2104. In order to have a guest from another school, you must fill out a form and have your guest take it to their principal, so they can fax it back to the office staff. Any further information, including the dress code, can be found here or by talking to one of the Junior Sponsors named above.

Most students at Heritage are already getting ready for Prom, whether that be buying Prom dresses, doing a Promposal, or even starting to plan out their perfect night. Senior Walker Driskell performed his Promposal already, for instance. “I wasn’t too familiar with this type of thing,” he said, “so my sister and mom really helped out.” Aided by his sister and mother, Walker bought some roses and spelled out “Prom?” His date happily said yes. Fellow senior Zoe Wright is also getting ready for Prom. “I bought this dress, and it’s super orange and sparkly,” she said. Some of her other plans include “going to get a spray tan, then I have a hair and makeup appointment for that night.” A lot of students are going to Prom to hang out with their group of friends. Since the Prom is in Collegedale, it also opens up new restaurant possibilities not offered by downtown Chattanooga. Junior Connor Richardson remarked, “There’s a lot of different options to eat this year since Prom is in a whole new area. I’m thinking about going to Cracker Barrel, Davis Wayne’s, J. Alexanders or maybe Rodizio.” Prom preparations will surely pick up as the magical night draws closer.