Student Art 3/14 – 3/18: Peters

Natalie Ferry, Staff Writer

A note on the works featured in this gallery from Ms. Peters:

Art I kids just finished up an observation drawing learning how to use value. We drew translucent bottles, vases, vessels, etc. They shaded, trying to show the texture, dimensions, and reflections of their bottle.

Drawing and Painting kids finished a glue, salt, and watercolor painting using Georgia O’Keeffe as our inspiration. They chose a flower and a mood word. They had to visually convey that mood with their flower in their color choices, composition, and painting technique. We practiced zooming in and abstracting our flowers like Georgia is famous for, focusing on gradation and shape.

Mia Callahan, an Advanced Art kid, is also featured. She has more freedom in her assignment choices and entitled this piece, “Throwing Your Heart Around.”

All of these and more are hanging in the art hallway. I encourage everyone to come check them out!!!!