The Superior Spider-Man

Allie Boyd and Briley Simpson

Ever since the worldwide phenomenon of a movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” came out, it has created the most controversial question of the year: Who truly is the best Spider-man? We traveled to classrooms to gather input from sophomore students about their personal opinion on the matter, and why. What we discovered was shocking. 

The 10th grade students of Mrs. McCole’s English class had a lot to say about the subject. There were exactly 22 people in the class, and everyone seemed very sure about their answer. The results are as follows: Andrew Garfield received the lowest vote of 6, then Tom Holland acquired 7 votes, and lastly Tobey Maguire won with 8 whole votes. We were then left with one question: why? The answers were actually quite simple. Andrew Garfield is seen as the best because he “is the most spider-like,” explained Nathan Collier. However, others disagree saying Tom Holland is the all time best because “he is hot.” Overall though, Tobey Maguire was seen as the most superior Spider-Man because “he is the original, the OG,” said Miles Clark. 

Furthermore, our investigation has shown that here at Heritage High school, Tobey Maguire reigns superior over Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland’s Spider-men. Each Spider-Man is “amazing” in their own way, but for now Mr. Maguire has put some dirt in the competition’s eyes.