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Briley Simpson

Briley Simpson, Staff Writer

Briley Simpson is a sophomore this year at Heritage High School. She is really looking forward to school and being able to experience high school in a very different way from last year. Briley is a returning member of the General Journal and thoroughly enjoys writing articles about all kinds of interesting topics. She is also a member of the Heritage Soccer Team. She loves the sport and the team. In her opinion, soccer season is the best season. Briley is also a part of student government. Helping others and participating in community service projects makes her feel like she is making a difference. Briley loves to try new things, and this year she is doing exactly that. She joined the tech team for the musical and is really looking forward to diving into the new experience. Having a space to be creative and fun is all she needs in life, along with her books and Spotify playlists, of course. Her taste in literature and music is very much the same: it’s all over the place. Classic rock, indie pop, alternative, mystery, thriller, contemporary, you name it. Every genre has its own hidden gems, and her mission in life is to find them. When Briley gets out of high school, she wants to travel the world and see new things. She can’t wait to get the year started and see what new adventures await.

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