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Briley Simpson

Briley Simpson, Yearbook Editor

Briley Simpson is a junior this year at Heritage High School. She has taken Journalism for three years and has recently been upgraded to the position of yearbook co-editor, alongside fellow staff member and best friend Allie Boyd. Briley is excited about this upcoming school year and can’t wait to see what adventures await. Briley has also been a part of the Heritage Girls Soccer Team for two years and hopes to return for her Junior season. She loves the sport and has been playing basically since she could walk. Briley is also on the tech team at school and helps create sets and props for the musicals. Helping backstage is one of the most hectic, yet enjoyable experiences she has ever had. She is also involved in Student Government and is an avid participant in all things pep rally. Briley loves everything she does mainly because it teaches her more about herself and the people she is around. High School is almost like a soul searching adventure and when Briley finally leaves, she wants to know who she will become in the future. One of her big dreams in life is to be able to travel the world and meet all kinds of people with different and unique stories. She feels like the world needs to be connected through the stories we tell. Briley is a fervent reader and talks about books constantly. She loves how simple words on a page can transport you into a world that is totally unlike this one. Briley knows that Junior year will be tough, but she also believes that with a great attitude and even greater friends she will have the best year ever!

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