HOSA Helps Year-Round


Georgia King, Staff Writer

Ms. Henley’s HOSA group has had a very productive year so far. A group of HOSA students just recently got back from a two-day trip to Atlanta, while in Atlanta the group of students attended all kinds of different conferences, these conferences were hosted by HOSA. Some of the conferences were about organ donation, and another one was about how technology affects everything shown to you through your phone. The speaker talked about how your phone takes everything you give it. If your phone knows you’re a female it will give you makeup ads or hair products, even if you’ve never looked into things like that. There were also booths set up by different businesses that would offer to tell you about their products or overall goal with their business. There were some booths from some different colleges or just overall HOSA supporters. While in Atlanta, four students competed in the State competition: Jedd Johnston, Chris Simmons, Kayla Steven, and Will Waldrop. Out of the students, Kayla Stevens placed second in her division, which was Dental Science. Ms. Henley stated that Dental Science is a very tough competition and that she is  extremely proud to be able to say that Kayla placed second in such a difficult competition. Because Kayla placed second, she will be invited to Nationals,  so we wish her the best of luck. 

Another recent trip HOSA went on was to Nicaragua, and they went with AP Spanish. While in Nicaragua, the HOSA students focused on clinic-based work that involved scoliosis screening, vision checks, blood pressure, and checking hemoglobin levels through a finger stick. The students all rotated through these different stations as the students came in with groups of five. While working in the clinic, the students got to know a few of the kids going to the school. Getting to know the students was an overall highlight for the HOSA group, and most of the HOSA students keep in contact through WhatsApp. Ms. Henley said that she thinks this was one of the best groups that they’ve taken down to Nicaragua. The HOSA and AP Spanish group meet every month to talk about their experiences and when they plan on going back.

Some other events HOSA has participated in this school year were Fall Leadership 2021 at Camp Lookout with LFO’s HOSA group. During Fall Leadership the students focused on making connections with the others around them; teamwork was the overall goal through the two day trip. HOSA has also done a few volunteer projects. For instance, the HOSA students went into Ringgold to take down the flags after Veterans Day. The students also went to Chattanooga during the Christmas break to put wreaths on the soldiers’ graves. Although they barely finished putting the wreaths on the graves before a storm swept in, every grave had a wreath. Ms. Henley said it was a close one but they are glad they managed to finish.

There are some upcoming things HOSA students can look forward to through the rest of March and through April. Students looking for college ideas that are also in HOSA have a great opportunity to go to Dalton College for a tour and an overall feel for the school. HOSA also has a blood drive coming up. They are hoping to give any students who didn’t have the chance during the last blood drive an opportunity to donate and help someone in need. Finally, and this is probably the one the students are most excited for, HOSA officer elections are coming up. The students have until March 31 to grab a form and fill in the questions. The questions ask the students how they feel about public speaking, how they have  participated in HOSA this year, and  about their volunteer and teamwork opportunities. Each student will answer these questions and then on April 11, 2022 elections will be held to decide our HOSA officers.

Although HOSA has had a very busy year, there is so much more that needs to be done. Healthcare is in dire need of blood donations to save people who have been fatally injured or who suffer from a type of cancer. You have to be at least 16 to donate blood, but donating blood can benefit you. If you  donate blood three or more times before you graduate, you get to wear a red cord when you graduate. If you are 16 or older you should consider donating your blood and if you don’t want to donate blood, then you should spread the word. Let a family member know the benefits of donating blood, and how they can help save someone’s life.