On the Court with Maryetta Williams

Abigail Maynor, Staff Writer

Abigail Maynor

The game begins. Maryetta’s team works very hard trying to score points for the win. They are battling for a spot at the top for volleyball out of 100 teams. “It was very difficult,” Maryetta Williams starts. Her team didn’t start off how they wanted with their opponents. In the end, they got 2nd place. However, this is just the beginning of her high school career. “I couldn’t have done it without my club coaches,” she says. This was the final game before she got injured. She had a stress fracture in her back leading to a devastating time of recovery, and the nagging urge to play the sport she can’t. In the end, this is her biggest achievement, winning the championship before this pause in her career.

Abigail Maynor

Maryetta is a 14 year-old freshman who attends Heritage High School. She is taking Journalism, Intro to Health Occupations, 9th Grade Honors Lit, and Honors Geometry. Within these, 9th Grade Honors Lit is her because she loves to read things she enjoys. Her least favorite subject is Honors Geometry. “I have always struggled with Math, and I am always the last one to finish any assignment because I can’t focus,” she says. In the future, she wants to graduate high school with her associates degree through dual enrollment, so she doesn’t have to go to college for 4 years after she gets her diploma.

In Maryetta’s free time, she listens to, “only Taylor Swift. I am obsessed with her.” Also, she loves hanging out with friends, going shopping and just having fun. A fun fact about her is her biggest pet peeve is when people leave other people out for no reason.
Considering her injury and her tough times through school, she is hard-working, smart, fun, and more. “Always be prepared to outwork everyone even when you don’t think you have to, because there is always someone out there wanking to take your place. And, you have to earn your place,” Maryetta exclaims. She lives by this quote since it motivates her to do her best in everything she does.