Our New Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Lann


Abigail Maynor, Staff Writer

Since Heritage opened 14 years ago, Mrs. Lann has helped the school become what it is today. Now she is being recognized by being awarded Teacher of the Year. “It feels pretty amazing [to be teacher of the year] especially when I teach with so many great people,” She expressed. Mrs. Lann has been teaching for 26 years in total. She has taught at Heritage, Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School for six years, and the Alternative School at Congress Crossroad for six years. Mrs. Lann teaches AP statistics and physical science, and has taught algebra, geometry, and money management in the past. One of Mrs. Lann’s coworkers and friends, Mrs. Thatcher, says, “she has a huge heart and cares for her students so much.” Mrs. Lann always is involved in the students lives other than just being her teacher. She is there for them to talk to and she wants to know more about the students to create a more personal relationship. “She’s just a wonderful human being and she really cares about her students,” Principle Bradford says, “I think she could teach anything. She’s just an exceptionally good teacher.” Also, Mrs. Lann is hardworking, dedicated, intelligent, funny, and persistent. She loves helping out the students at HHS. She is dependable, and you can always count on her. Mrs. Lann’s teaching philosophy is to “not be so rigid, I want to be flexible.” Her students agree that she is flexible, involved, and caring. Mrs. Lann wants to make sure she will be effective and the best she can be before she leaves Heritage. She has done so much for the school and is an amazing part of Heritage. She has prepared for prom and has built relationships with tons of people. Mrs. Lann is an amazing person and will continue to do great things for Heritage. Congratulations Mrs. Lann!