Homecoming Court: Tia Eaves

Alyx Quist, Staff Writer

Most people know freshman Tia Eaves as a sweet, kind, humble, and helpful person. If she had to describe herself with only one word, that word would be “genuine.”  She relates to this word because she genuinely cares about others and wants them to feel “included and loved.” This year, she is involved in Chorus, Musical Theater, the Tennis team, HOSA, and FCA. Out of all of these, her favorite would be FCA because, she said, “I get to be in fellowship with other people who have the same religious values as me.” 

M. Petteys

Tia is very thankful to all of the people in her life. She explains that these people provide pure joy to her by supporting her and lifting her up, and she wouldn’t be where she is without them. She stated, “I just want people to know that I’m just so blessed to be in this school and to have such loving people around me.” One thing that she believes most people don’t know about her is that she is a sailor. She enjoys sailing and usually sails on the weekends when she can. Something Tia loves about sailing is that it gives her time to de-stress. She enjoys getting to be alone with her thoughts and having some time to pray when she sails. Another thing that she likes to do outside of school is running and being active. She is involved with her church and their youth group, and she tries to help out there however she can. After high school, Tia plans to go to Toccoa Falls College here in Georgia. Following college, she hopes to pursue a career in ministry or psychiatry. Tia explained, “I strive to help the world, and I think that those types of careers could help me to do that.” On a deeper note, she said that she has “always strived for perfection, always trying to make sure that everything I do exceeds expectations.” She added that “even as hard as I try, I’m never successful. And through that, I receive my strength through Christ.” She later noted that she wants everyone to know that there is always someone for you to talk to. She continued by saying that it is okay to ask for help, and that things will get better.

When it was announced that Tia Eaves was going to be the freshman Homecoming representative, she felt absolutely honored. Tia mentioned that “just the fact that I would be chosen out of all of the other wonderful freshman girls is absolutely unfathomable.” She is excited to be recognized as a good candidate, but she includes that she feels sometimes she is recognized too much. Tia believes that others should be recognized more. “Other people do so many other special things as well,” she added. The most nervous part about being on the Court, she said, was being put on the spot. 


Her escort for the Homecoming pep rally is Beth Sawyer, a teacher from the middle school. Tia explained that she chose Mrs. Sawyer because “she is just absolutely wonderful . . . probably the sweetest woman I’ve ever met.” Tia voiced that she is inspired by Mrs. Sawyer and that if Tia ever needed anything she would be there for her. The two have family-friend relations but didn’t properly meet until Tia went into middle school. For the Homecoming night, her escort is her father, Levi Eaves. She says that she couldn’t be more blessed to have him as her father. She knew that he would be honored to escort her, and she explained that she loves him beyond words. For the Homecoming parade, Tia is making a princess-based shopping cart. She decided to design it this way to match her dress because it gives off a “princessy-vibe.” Friday night, Tia will be surrounded by the other class representatives and the senior candidates: “I just think it’s super exciting that I get to be with the other people who are elected from their classes, who are such wonderful people and it’s really amazing that I get to be with them and recognized with them.”