One Step at a Time: Introducing Thomas Scherzer

Emalee Grant, Staff Writer

Even at 7 years old, Thomas Scherzer wasn’t afraid of anyone. Though he is now devoted to the soccer, Scherzer actually quit the sport when he was 7 after confronting a cruel and unfair referee. When the referee called a foul, thinking that Thomas was helping the other team, Thomas spoke his mind and asked the referee, “Why are you doing that?” This led to him being kicked out of the game: because of the anger from that event, he quit.

Scherzer is a 15-year-old freshman who attends Heritage High School. He is currently taking Journalism, American Government, 10th Lit./Comp., and Weight Training. Though one of his favorites is Weight Training, he said, “If I had to choose one class, it would be English.”

Scherzer describes himself as “self-disciplined,” “motivated,” and “inquisitive.” One thing people might not know about or expect from him or expect is that he doesn’t talk that much–though he will speak his mind if need be, as he did when he was 7.

Despite what happened when he was younger, Scherzer “fell back in love” with soccer when he was 13. When Covid hit in 2020, Scherzer began kicking a ball around in his backyard, and what started as a way to avoid boredom became full-on training. Over the next few years, Scherzer trained in his backyard, working solo to improve his skills. Now, soccer is everything to him. 

Currently, Scherzer is just trying to get through high school and will discover the rest of what he’s doing later. “One step at a time,” Thomas said.

A.K. Stafford