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The Mystery of Spencer Cordle

Ian Grant meets with Spencer Cordle, new Journalism staff member, to discuss what motivates people, the importance of family, and Batman.

Spencer Cordle is a fourteen-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. He enjoys playing video games or anything related to art in his free time. Also in his spare time, Cordle likes to watch the show “Gotham” and everything else about Batman. In the movie realm, he loves the first “Hotel Transylvania” movie and is very adamant about not liking the sequels.  

When asked about his views on motivation, and what it could mean to someone, Cordle said, “I think motivation is complex because everyone needs motivation in different aspects and different ways. Especially if someone has grown up not having the most money or the best home life. They may need more or less motivation and someone to inspire them.” Cordle also stated that one of his biggest fears is losing his family because they are a huge part of his life. The freshman stated, “If I lost my family, I would literally pass out or die.” 

Spencer is a huge supporter of positivity and social interaction.  He said that it motivates him to put himself out there when seeing people interact. Another thing Spencer loves is cats, but the only thing he doesn’t like is how much they shed. However, he claims it’s okay because they are “cute.”  On a side note, Cordle stated that if he could pause a moment in his life, and just enjoy it one more time, he would choose the moment he went to Universal Studios with his family, because “it was an awesome time, the roller coasters were amazing, and our family grew closer together than ever before.” 

Spencer, along with his family, likes to describe himself as “goofy, quite hilarious, and a smarty pants.” Some even describe him as devilishly handsome,  and having immaculate rizz levels, higher than Buzz Light Year. On a side note, Spencer says that his hero is his mother because she’s a very hard worker; she’s also very nice and brings a positive attitude everywhere she goes.  

Salem, Massachusetts, is where Spencer would live out of anywhere, because “it’s just really cool, and the history behind everywhere that has gone down there would make it better.” But he also noted that the problem with living there is that he probably couldn’t stand living anywhere else besides Georgia, because he needs to be able to go to his mom’s house at all times.  In conclusion, even though Spencer may love things like “Hotel Transylvania” and “Gotham,” he loves his family the absolute most, and they are very important to him in his life. He needs his family, for support, happiness, and, most importantly, to make him a better person.

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About the Contributor
Ian Grant, Staff Writer
Ian Grant is a 14-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. Ian is very ambitious and loves the fact that he’s part of working on "The Legacy." Ian loves to spend time with his family and friends outside of school. He enjoys hiking, playing golf, and getting attacked by his cat, Survivor. He’s very passionate about sports: he especially loves the Atlanta Falcons a lot. He’s always watching practices, preseason games, and everything related to the team. In basketball, he strongly supports the Golden State Warriors. Even though no one in his family likes basketball, he still tunes into every game he can. The freshman also keeps up with every update on team moves and essential things he needs to know. In baseball, he enjoys supporting The New York Yankees. Although he’s just recently started caring about baseball, he likes the Yankees because of the history, the players, and most of all the uniforms. Outside of the sports realm, in school Ian likes to claim himself good at Language Arts but very bad at math. A nickname he came up for himself is “The King of Random Questions." For entertainment, Ian loves "The Office," along with the "Star Wars" trilogy. He strongly supports the fact that the sequels are better than the originals and the fact that Anakin Skywalker is the best character, not Darth Vader. Ian is always thinking about his future and what’s waiting for him. Also, no matter what happens, the Lord is always with you.