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LIFTing People’s Spirits: LIFT Club Spotlight

Learn about what it means to be a member of Heritage’s Lift Club, and how they have changed the school for the better.

Last year here at Heritage there was a club formed called the LIFT Club. They originated the LIFT Club by students such as Mark Harris, a Heritage alumni, collaborating with the LIFT Youth Center in downtown Ringgold.  Athena Stillman (junior), a member of the club, said that to her, the LIFT Club is “a community of people that you can go to and feel you’re welcome. You make friends there and overall just have a good time.” Athena said, “We have pizza and drinks, which is always a good thing. Every other Monday you come in, we eat pizza and we do fun activities. We talk to each other, no one is ever hateful, and we are all very nice people.” Athena included that the people in the club create a great environment, and being in the club is a great way to expose yourself and make new friends.

Another member, Caitlyn Smith (senior), said that the organizers of meetings and activities of the club are people who come from the youth center. She also said that she enjoys having a variety of people who come from different cliques who can come together, chat, and feel welcomed. Sammi Williamson, who comes from a different crowd than Caitlyn and Athena, is the president of the club. They explained, “I’ve met a lot of really cool people. The center is not just for Heritage, it’s for LFO, Ringgold, and other schools.” Members can testify that joining the club has helped them become more social because they now have a safe space to talk, and they feel more comfortable doing so. The LIFT Club has helped to bring different kinds of people together and form new relationships. Everyone in this club are accepting and non-judgmental. If you’re interested in the club, contact Mrs. Tollett, Sammi Williamson, or Sophia Isler!


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Alyx Quist, Editor
Alyx Quist is a 15-year-old sophomore who is in the Heritage Class of 2026. Their favorite things to do include reading, writing, listening to music, and hanging out with their close friends. Usually, they read sci-fi books, but they do enjoy the occasional romance or suspense book. Some music artists that Alyx likes are The Goo Goo Dolls, Mitski, Queen, Gorillaz, Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, and The Brobecks. They currently have seven animals at home, four of them being cats, the other three being dogs. When they graduate from Heritage, they plan to go to a college located in Georgia. After (or possibly during) college, they hope to pursue a career related to Journalism, so they are very excited to be able to learn more in this class. They feel extremely thankful to be able to spend their high school years here at Heritage and are super excited to be able to participate in Journalism this semester!!