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Heritage’s 2023 Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Cosby!

Learn about Heritage’s one and only Mrs. Cosby and the amazing things she has accomplished to be given this award.
R. Bradford

Mrs. Cosby is an amazing teacher who won the 2023 Teacher of the Year award. She’s known for being a fantastic educator. Her students love her because she makes learning fun and easy to understand. With her kind and patient approach, Mrs. Cosby has a special way of helping kids excel in their studies. She is not only the chair of the English Department, but she is a dedicated educator who teaches at every level: from College Prep to Advanced Placement to Dual Enrollment, she has taught it. She’s not just a teacher; she’s a mentor and a friend to her fellow colleagues. Mrs. Cosby is a role model for other teachers, and her dedication to education is truly inspiring.

M. Petteys

English teacher Mrs. McCole says, “I would describe Cosby as wise because she offers great advice and can understand all the complex sides of a difficult situation.” That’s why she’s earned the well-deserved title of Teacher of the Year. She isn’t only a great teacher, Mrs. Zipp says, “She is very smart and funny both in and out of the classroom, and is one of the most genuinely caring individuals I have ever known. I am blessed to count her as a colleague and a friend.”  Overall Mrs. Cosby’s dedication and caring nature have brought her to be a Teacher of the Year. She’s helped students learn and grow with her unique teaching style. Winning Teacher of the Year is a great accomplishment, and she is a true inspiration for both students and fellow educators at Heritage High School.

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Brooklynn Henson, Staff Writer
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