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Golden Changes

How has Chris Paul revolutionized one of the NBA’s most legendary franchises, the Golden State Warriors? Whether it be stopping turnovers or wising the team up, he has helped them for the better.
Ian Grant

As a loyal fan of the NBA team The Golden State Warriors since 2016, the 2023 Warriors team is my favorite. As a close second with the 2018 team with Forward Kevin Durant, I really enjoy this Warriors team because it has my two favorite players on one team. Throughout the years of watching and loving the NBA, I quickly fell in love with the Warriors. Whether it’s the nice clean-cut jerseys, or the friendly, respectable players. Over the years, I’ve cared more and more about the Warriors. 

This year I’m super excited from what I’ve seen from the team during the offseason. We traded for the NBA All-Star Chris Paul. He’s a guard and is a veteran a future hall of fame NBA player. Throughout my NBA fandom years, I’ve really enjoyed watching Chris Paul play. He’s very talented, and I even compare my play style to his. Before Chris Paul joined, my favorite players were Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Although all of these players are most likely future NBA Hall of Famers, it wouldn’t matter how good they were. I like them because of their attitude and the effort they put into the game. 

During the 2021-2022 NBA Season, the Warriors won the NBA Finals. Watching more NBA each year, I realized how big of a deal the win was and I enjoyed every second. Since I got to watch the games with my family, it made the championship sort of revenge championship. Because, lots of NBA analysis said we couldn’t win without Kevin Durant on our team, and with Kevin long gone, we proved we could accomplish it without him. I’m really pumped for this season because I never thought my four favorite players would play on the same team together. 

With this time being the early portion of the season, I’ve seen a major improvement in the team’s passing, rebounding, and assist numbers. Before Paul, we were the worst turnover team, and now we barely have turnovers. Moving from poor shot selections last season, I have seen so many major improvements in the entire team with Chris Paul. And, I feel like we view this as a new beginning for the franchise. I really look forward to hopefully attending a Warriors game this season, so I can watch my four favorite players of all time play together. I hope, I can get a Warriors Chris Paul jersey, or piece of merchandise later on in the year, so I can always remember the 2023 “dream season” for me. Even though every season doesn’t end in a deep playoff run or an NBA Finals championship, I have high hopes for the Warriors. I can’t wait to see how far we can make it this season!


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About the Contributor
Ian Grant, Staff Writer
Ian Grant is a 14-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. Ian is very ambitious and loves the fact that he’s part of working on "The Legacy." Ian loves to spend time with his family and friends outside of school. He enjoys hiking, playing golf, and getting attacked by his cat, Survivor. He’s very passionate about sports: he especially loves the Atlanta Falcons a lot. He’s always watching practices, preseason games, and everything related to the team. In basketball, he strongly supports the Golden State Warriors. Even though no one in his family likes basketball, he still tunes into every game he can. The freshman also keeps up with every update on team moves and essential things he needs to know. In baseball, he enjoys supporting The New York Yankees. Although he’s just recently started caring about baseball, he likes the Yankees because of the history, the players, and most of all the uniforms. Outside of the sports realm, in school Ian likes to claim himself good at Language Arts but very bad at math. A nickname he came up for himself is “The King of Random Questions." For entertainment, Ian loves "The Office," along with the "Star Wars" trilogy. He strongly supports the fact that the sequels are better than the originals and the fact that Anakin Skywalker is the best character, not Darth Vader. Ian is always thinking about his future and what’s waiting for him. Also, no matter what happens, the Lord is always with you.