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What is Heritage’s Favorite Christmas Movie?

As the year starts to wrap up, Heritage students were asked the most important thing of the year: What is their favorite Christmas movie?
Natalie Ferry

So we all know how exciting Christmas is for not only kids, but adults too. The decorations, homemade ornaments, Christmas lights, hot cocoa, and gifts wrapped by the Christmas tree create a warm & cozy atmosphere for everyone. At Heritage High School we did a survey with 107 students, deciding the best Christmas movie. The results were shocking…

The overall top Christmas movie was concluded to be “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (Live Action, released in 2000).  Finn Dempsey, one of the HHS students who picked “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as their top movie said, “Used to watch it all of the time, even during the summer, and it just has stuck with me. Plus, Jim Carrey’s in it.” Coming in second place was “Home Alone.” Kinsley Cheatham chose Home Alone for their favorite Christmas movie beacuse “Every year my grandmother gets us these ornaments as a present and they normally represent either a hobby or big accomplishment or event that had happened in our lives that year.” Lastly, the third most liked Christmas movie is The Polar Express. Keely Simmons chose this movie because “This movie has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. It helped me find comfort when the holidays got tough, and it holds a very special place in my heart.”  Mrs. Johnson, a teacher at HHS, stated that her favorite Christmas Movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” She said she chose this movie because the angel in the movie, Clarence, reminds her a lot of her Dad. “This movie was always very sentimental to me, and makes me think about my Dad.” Mrs. Johnson said. Overall these movies are considered the best of the best according to students at HHS. If you haven’t already seen these classics, then I highly recommend watching them this Christmas season!

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Maryetta Williams
Maryetta Williams, Staff Writer
Maryetta Williams is a 15-year-old sophomore attending Heritage High School. She tries to be involved a lot in the Heritage community. This is Maryetta’s second semester in Journalism, and she is an all-Honors student. Maryetta plays club volleyball during the fall/winter/spring. She is in HOSA and will soon complete the Health Occupations pathway. She works very hard to have good grades, so she can have a good GPA for college applications. Language is Maryetta’s favorite subject in school. Maryetta hopes to one day work in the medical field. In Maryetta’s free time she likes to swim, hang out with friends, and read books. She lives with her mom, stepfather, brother, and two dogs. Payton and Murphy are Maryetta’s dogs: Payton is a Lab/Boxer mix, and Murphy is a miniature Schnauzer. She loves to listen to music; she finds it to help with anxiety a lot. Some of her favorite artists include Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Lorde, and Olivia Rodrigo. She also loves to read books: "Red Queen," "The Selection," and "Legend" are some of her favorites. Maryetta is very excited to see where the rest of her high school will take her in the future.
Natalie Ferry
Natalie Ferry, Editor-in-Chief
Natalie Ferry is the Editor of The General Journal and a junior at Heritage High School. She has been, and will continue to be, excited about working on "The Legacy" and the General Journal website. Natalie attends Dalton State College for the majority of the day but stops by Heritage in the morning to hang out with her favorite people: the Journalism Class. Other than Journalism, she enjoys being a member of the Tome Literary Society, Tea Club, Beta Club, and the Literary Team. Natalie can proudly brag that she is a State Champion in International Extemporaneous Speaking, and she hopes to do well in her Literary competitions again this year. Outside of school, she is active in her local theater, a regular at her favorite Thai place, and on constant lookout for good deals at the thrift store. Natalie cannot wait for the (rumored) new solo album from Big Thief frontperson, Adrianne Lenker, and she hopes to see Big Thief again once they are on tour. Once she graduates, Natalie hopes to finish her degree at Dalton. Although she isn’t exactly sure of what she will pursue, she is currently leaning towards a degree in Communications or English. Wherever life may take her, Natalie knows that this year will be great.