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Heritage FFA Competes at State Competition

The HHS FFA went down to the State Competition recently and took part in proving themselves as the best farmers around.

On December 9th, the Heritage’s FFA competed in a series of competitions. The teams from Heritage consisted of the Environmental National Resources Team, members Tyler Hamilton, Sammy Williamson, Sammy Jones and Owen Tollett. Along with Floral Design Heritage Representative Jaylynn Johnson. The Environmental National Resources Team competed on 50 ID, a test over resources, measuring trees, and a GPS course. For Floral Design, Jaylynn Johnson competed in the Junior Division. She did floral ID, two designs, and a test over floral design. The FFA Team left on Friday the 8th, and returned back to campus on Saturday, around 1:00PM. 

When asked about what they did outside of the competition, Sammy Williamson stated, “We left the building after map testing, we stopped at a Chick-Fil-A along the way. When we arrived, we went to the dollar store, and had dinner. Then we spent the rest of the night studying, preparing for our competitions.” When asked about her favorite memory, Jaylynn Johnson stated, “The trip in general. I enjoyed just going down there with other students, but with the competition, I really enjoyed making designs.” Lastly, when asked about the competition process, Sammy Jones stated. “So the first part of the competition for me was first I took an individual test, then we went and took a group test that was more complicated, then I did the ID portion, and lastly I had a GPS course. That I had to run, but it was personally my favorite part of the competition.” 

In the end, The Environmental National Resources Team (NR) placed in 6th place out of 12. The Floral Design Representative, Jaylynn Johnson, placed 12th. When asked about the results of the competition, FFA Teacher Mrs. Handy stated, “It’s not quite the results we’re looking for, but still a good showing at the state level.”

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