Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

The title of this year’s musical theater show is “Sister Act.” To most students, it is an entirely new story for them. Far from the familiarity of “Shrek” or “Legally Blonde,” it’s a much older story than most. This means that students won’t know the plot by heart. They can’t sing any of the music from memory. Previous shows have been very successful, and “Sister Act” is expected to do just as well–if not better–than those previous shows. Mrs. Peters believes that it’s a show that kids will come back for. There are far fewer male roles in this show than previous ones. The story takes place in Philadelphia in the late 60’s. It is a comedic tale involving crime, protective custody, nuns, and many other things that provide for a unique experience. The story was originally a movie, but it was reimagined as a musical in 2009. It is a change from the same old stories that seem to always be around. It’s a very bold move to try to introduce something new to Heritage. Musical theater has a reputation of doing amazing work here, and their shows are a source of pride for the school and for the community. The students of Heritage High School are very much looking forward to the show’s release in November.