Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

This year’s freshman class is lead by the sponsors Mr. Franks and Mrs. Wilson and the class officers. Freshmen have very few activities, so they won’t be quite as busy as the upperclassmen, who have prom and other such things. The class officers’ main focus is organizing pep rallies and getting the new students acclimated to the school. This is because the freshmen are in a new school with new people, new classes, and more freedom. Other activities done by the class include designing the class t-shirt, the homecoming parade cart, and a surprise that Mr. Franks hinted may be coming in the spring. This first year is going to be easy compared to later years and will help the class work as a team and prepare for the rest of high school. The class officers oversee most things when it comes to planning, and the sponsors are mainly there to provide guidance. The officers are Jacob Lyons (president), Haleigh Nichols (vice president), Riley Hudson (secretary), and Nehemiah Antoine (treasurer). Mr. Franks says that the students did a good job electing students to represent them; they work really hard, and they’re very passionate about it. He also thinks that it’s the best freshmen class in years, and they’re typically well behaved, compared to what some teachers say about last year’s freshmen class. The brand new freshmen class certainly has a lot coming up for them in the next few years, and we’ll see more from them further down the road.