Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

Chips are diverse foods that have existed in many different forms throughout the years. Such forms include the classic potato chip, tortilla chips, Cheetos, Pringles, and Doritos. I think all of them are great and wonderful inventions that please our mouths, minds, and souls.

The classic potato chip is like the vanilla flavor of ice cream. Its greatness lies in its ability to go well with a multitude of foods. You can put them in dip, you can eat them with a sub, and you can even be a freak and put them in the sandwich itself. They’re a common food for the common people, much like white bread when it comes to sandwiches.

Tortilla chips are the go-to dipper. You can use salsa, guacamole, refried beans; you name it, they can be dipped in it. They’re decent on their own, but really boring.

Pringles are my personal favorite. I remember I would go to my great-grandma’s room, and she would always have a can. We would watch a baseball game while sharing Pringles. It was always fun to try out the newest flavor, except for the pizza variety. Pizza flavored Pringles make me sick just looking at them. Nothing should be pizza flavored except for pizza itself.

Doritos are a strange, more modern take on the tortilla chip. They’ve literally been designed to be addicting. The crunch, the seasoning–all of it just exudes flavor. I think that the Dorito was made in a lab, designed to trick the mind. They probably carefully selected chemicals to include so that you think that you’re just having a few chips, but you’re really eating five servings in one hour. Everyone knows the feeling:  you go to grab one or two, and the next thing you know you’ve eaten half the bag. The taste of Doritos is worth the lifetime addiction they bring about. They only go well with tacos, though, and Doritos Locos Tacos are truly a blessing.

Cheetos are widely loved, but I just can’t stand them. The cheese they use tastes disgusting. The seasoning gets all over your fingers, too, and it’s just gross. The new “Mac and Cheetos” from Burger King are just a disgusting insult to the food world.

Chips are a great food, and while they are a divisive food, I’m sure just about everyone has a chip they like.