Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

­Pizza is just as American as apple pie. It’s the standard food for just about any gathering. It’s good for any situation, really; at school, at home, at a birthday party, on a date, at the dinner table, it works basically anywhere. Pizza also takes many forms: deep-dish, pizza rolls, stuffed, and divisions by region. Deep-dish pizza is my favorite type. The main thing I like about it is that there’s more pizza in a slice. Nobody can argue against more food. I ate my very first pizza roll for this article. I burned my tongue pretty bad, but I found a new food I like. It’s putting the taste of pizza into something small and bite sized.  They’re good for eating while watching a TV show. I’ll definitely be eating them again once my mouth recovers. Stuffed pizza is gross. I don’t care what you put in the crust–it shouldn’t be there. The crust is one of the best parts, and putting cheese in there just ruins it. Chill out, man; you already have cheese on top, you don’t need any more. I love the pizza that’s huge and a single slice is a whole meal. The ones that I’ve gotten in the past were thin and the crust was hard. I suppose that’s what you get when you eat at a place that sells “authentic Boston style pizza,” which I’m pretty sure isn’t even a thing. Calzones are sometimes put into the pizza category, but they’re more of their own thing. Calzones are disgusting. It’s a ball of cheese and tomato sauce wrapped in bread. Pineapple pizza is often overlooked when it comes to most people. It’s actually a really good topping. My older brother used to order pepperoni and pineapple pizza and we would watch movies in our living room. I would totally still eat pineapple pizza if it weren’t for the problem of my mouth bleeding whenever I eat pineapple. While some of us disagree on what to eat, even the pickiest eater can indulge in a warm slice of pizza.