C. Harlan & S. Dali

Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

Along with the other exciting technological advancements at Heritage, a new clock system will be coming soon. The date is not exact, as the contract is still being negotiated. The new system will connect digital L.E.D. clocks around the school to one point. The numbers on the display will be five inches long. The system is completely wireless, which will make installation and future maintenance much easier. A clock will be placed in the theater, the gym, and cafeteria. Twelve additional clocks will be placed in hallways. They will be synced to the bells, so everybody will be able to know exactly when the bell will ring. The entire thing will cost somewhere around $800,000. Teachers will be able to sync clocks to the system as well once it is put in. The bells themselves are also being changed. Something called “Telecenter-U” will be doing that. It allows the sound to be modified and become something besides the usual bell. It could be changed to music or a verbal warning such as “one minute to class.” Coach Slaughter came up with an interesting idea; he said that music could be played and start out slow, but as the time got closer, the music could speed up and just after it got to the fastest point, you would have to be in class.  The entire plan is exciting and is sure to help students out with daily life.