Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

You can take a road trip for a multitude of reasons. You could be moving, visiting a relative, or just having fun. I’ve moved twice, from Massachusetts to North Carolina and from North Carolina to Georgia. My family is scattered across the East Coast, so I’ve been to just about every state between Georgia and Maine. Road trips are exciting because they expose you to so many new things. Stopping at a restaurant is one of the best parts of any trip. I always order a cheeseburger because somebody would have to be pretty bad at cooking to mess a cheeseburger up. You can never go wrong with one, and it’s cool to think that I’ve tried a burger from twenty different states. A lot of people seem to dislike sitting in a car with your family for hours at a time. I love it. My family is largely antisocial, and with the exception of my sister, we don’t even talk to each other most of the time. Road trips force us to spend time with each other. We always have a few good laughs, mostly making fun of whatever town we’re passing, or some ridiculous local radio station. It’s strange when the accents change as you go on. The waitresses go from “Howdy y’all” to “What’s your order?” I enjoy seeing the nature change as the trip goes on. One of my fondest memories ever is waking up in my dad’s car at a small gas station in Tennessee. I got up and it was unreal. For as far as I could see there were fields and mountains around me. I knew I would miss the ocean, but I felt that I could live with the beauty of mountains instead. The very best part of any trip is finally getting to the destination. You get to stretch your legs and see the reason you came; whether it’s your new home, or the family member you’ve missed for all those years. The trip back is full of quiet music and silent thought. I love getting back and being greeted by the familiar smell that you had no idea you missed. The first thing I always do is throw my bags on the floor and plop down on my bed until the next meal. I love the road, no matter where it takes me.