Connor Harlan & Shane Moorehead, Editor-in-Chief & Staff Writer

What would YOU do in the event of a clown attack?


garrett-megwebC. Harlan

Senior Garrett Harness – “I would join them.”

Senior Meg Howell – “I would throw everything I have at them and run! I’m such a baby.”


rowdy-hannahwebC. Harlan

Junior Rowdy Henson – “I would turn that clown attack into a rowdy attack. I would grab him by that curly hair and give him a thote (sic) punch.”

Junior Hannah East – “I would just tell him I’m one of them. ‘Hey dude, I’m one of you, it’s just, like, my off day.’”


katie-nathanwebC. Harlan

Sophomore Katie Portwood – “Run.”

Sophomore Nathan Forehand – “Run. Kill him.”


zach-akeerawebC. Harlan

Freshman Zach Adams – “If I’m alone, I run. If I’m in a group, there’s gonna be some confrontation.”

Freshman Akeera Ford – “Run.”