Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

Halloween is the biggest time of the year for candy, with over two and a half billion dollars in candy sales around the holiday. So obviously it’s a fitting time to give my opinion on the various types of candy. My favorite candy is rainbow Twizzlers. They are softer than regular ones, they have better flavor, and the child in me is fascinated by the colors. Normal ones are okay, but not really good. I can’t stand those pull-n-peel Twizzlers though. The kind that have filling would be good, but all the flavors are either way too sweet or way too sour. Malt balls are misunderstood. Everybody bites them, but that’s not what you’re supposed to do. Leave it to me to personify a piece of candy, but malt balls are like the younger brother of chocolate bars. Everybody thinks they’re not cool, and malt balls are always quiet, but when you get to know them, they’re really interesting and talented. When it comes to plain chocolate bars, I definitely prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate. I know dark chocolate is supposed to be healthier, but its way too dry and it leaves the worst taste in my mouth. Besides, nobody goes looking for candy and says, “Let’s look for some healthy things.” That’s what fruits are for. Sour Patch Kids are unique, and they’re really good. However if I eat more than two, my mouth gets sore and I can’t eat for a few hours. Incidentally, Warheads make my mouth bleed, and cause me genuine pain. Swedish fish are another candy that is not nearly as popular as it should be. They taste good, they have nice colors, the wrapper is the best, and THEY ARE SHAPED LIKE FISH! That’s why everybody likes Goldfish more than Cheezits. Get smart, candy manufacturers: fish are the key. Spree is great. My brother TJ used to buy it for me any time he would go out. It was at every Hess I’ve ever been to. Not once in my life have I seen somebody eating it, or heard somebody talking about it. I don’t know if they’re ghosts and I have a sixth sense, or if it’s just that small in the world. While some candies are never appreciated and others are too popular, we all have something we hope to see when we open up our Halloween bags.