Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

Nicolas Kim Coppola is one of the greatest actors of all time. You probably recognize his professional name more, Nicolas Cage. He is amazingly versatile; he’s been cast in science fiction movies, action films, and even romantic comedies. He has a very large number of roles because of his willingness to do just about any role. That’s not why he’s amazing though; it’s because of how well he portrays those roles. He can be a knock off batman, a superhero with demon powers, a historian, a sorcerer, and a screenwriter. He does anything, and he does it well. Like most actors, he’s attractive. He’s attractive in a really weird way that I can’t place. His voice is unique, especially when he’s having a quiet argument. There’s a lot of weird things about him, and I feel like he’s going to just be at a charity and then a flying saucer is going to take him back to his home planet, or when he dies, there’s going to be some huge scandal that gets uncovered that involves multiple world leaders, crime, or maybe both. It could be possible that one of his movies is a true story of his life, or all his movies are true stories and his entire career has been focused on a complicated seventy-part autobiography. That would be as crazy as him being an alien. Nicolas Cage has gotten a lot of criticism, but it’s not because he’s bad. Anybody that has exposure gets a lot of hate and a lot of love. It makes sense that he’s controversial, he’s in a good chunk of popular movies. His face is like the Coca Cola logo of actors; he’s everywhere. If you don’t see his face, he’s probably a voice actor in the kid’s movie you’re watching. I like him the best when he’s going on an adventure or doing something that includes a lot of talking. All in all, he’s a great actor and I think that if we all approached life with the attitude of Nicolas Cage, we would all be a lot more experienced.