Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

The annual Health Occupations Students of America (H.O.S.A.) Fall Blood Drive is Friday of this week. The school has been participating since they opened up. It’s primarily run by Coach Janow and Mrs. Henley, the health occ. teachers. Students are encouraged to sign up during lunch at the tables outside the cafeteria. If you’re sixteen or seventeen, you can donate with a parent’s permission.  Eighteen-year-olds can donate without permission. Blood is at an extreme shortage, so donations will be much appreciated. Students who donate six times throughout their high school career earn a cord of courage at graduation. The blood goes through the blood assurance program, so it stays in hospitals in the Chattanooga area. Heritage High School is always wildly successful, with the highest turnout of any place in the entire county. If you’re thinking about donating, remember that the blood goes to local hospitals, so it could help save your neighbor, teacher, friend, or family member. Don’t be scared about donating, because the people are experts, everything is sanitary, and there’s no chance you’ll get hurt. Donators also get one year of free blood, which may help in the case of an accident considering how expensive it is. They also get a T-shirt and food. Donating blood is an excellent way to contribute to our community and save lives, and it’s exciting to see people enthusiastic about it. Please sign up, donate, and do a favor for the area.