Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

Transportation is a huge part of a lot of people’s lives. You have to take some kind of vehicle to get to most places, especially in places where everything is spread out. Cars are the most basic form of transportation. They get you to work, to school, and out to do errands; really any place that has roads nearby. There’s more variety in cars than any other vehicle. They are more affordable than most vehicles. The only thing that they’re not good for is travelling really long distances. Bicycles are another vehicle that isn’t very good for long distance. The advantage of bicycles is that they’re a lot cheaper than a car, and that it doesn’t require fuel. A bike also doesn’t pollute at all. If you need to get somewhere really fast, like a hospital, you’re going to have to wait for an ambulance. It’s pointless to talk about hot air balloons. If you want to fly, just take a plane, weirdo.  Everybody that has a hot air balloon always has those cool designs on them. We get it, you’re cooler than us, you have a giant balloon that you fly around in. Speaking of flying, airplanes are really cool. They’re the fastest mode of transportation. An airplane can get from point A to point B a lot faster than a hot air balloon. There’s also no traffic or trees in the sky. People are scared of flying in them for some reason. I could write a whole article on why it’s stupid to be scared. No idea why you would be frightened. You’re going super fast in the sky in a giant tube made of metal with wings. Trains are my favorite form of transportation. A train ride into a congested city is a lot faster and easier than driving a car on a cluttered road. I enjoy being on trains, most of the time it’s comfortable, and it’s peaceful. Plus going through a tunnel is really cool. Trains are underappreciated. They’re the malt balls of vehicles. I think any vehicle is better than walking though. Except for hot air balloons.