Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

One of my favorite kind of places to be is the hospital. I understand why people wouldn’t like hospitals; that’s the place that a lot of people go to die. On the other hand, the hospital is where most lives begin as well. It’s also where you go to get better. I’ve spent a large amount of my childhood in hospitals. I think you could spend your time anywhere, and you’d eventually enjoy it, or at least have fond memories of it. I’m not sure how many times I’ve had pneumonia, but it’s at least four. Pneumonia is horrible, it’s really painful, and I couldn’t breathe half the time. One of the best parts about being hospitalized was that I got to sit in a bed and either watch movies or sleep. It was my first time having a bed to myself since my brother was born. The children’s floor had a closet with shelves filled with movies and collections of TV shows. My room was conveniently right next to the closet. The noises of a hospital are soothing to me. The beeping of the machines and the ringing of phones was actually enjoyable. Whenever I wanted food, I could press a button, and a nurse would bring me a menu to order from. Beverly Hospital had great food, so every day when I had chicken tenders and burgers, I loved them. I got to spend a lot more time with my Mom, which was great. Normally, she would have to split her time between two kids and a grandmother, but it was just me and her. That was probably the best part of the hospital. The rest of my family would bring me presents. My grandmother, my two uncles, and three aunts all brought me toys to play with. I felt like a celebrity when I was there. I had servants called nurses, frequent visitors, and anything a child could want.