Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

A little over a week ago, the third solo Wolverine movie was released. I did a review of the trailer before that, and the movie was completely different from what I had thought it would be. The movie shows a much darker and unpleasant side of the “X-Men” universe. The character Logan sums up the feel of the movie. In recent movies, he was the Wolverine. He was somewhat of a hero. He got vicious sometimes, but he still retained his glory. In “Logan,” he keeps his wounds, he’s dirty, and he’s just a shell of what he used to be. He doesn’t fight threats to mankind anymore; he chauffeurs people around in Texas. Before, he never really struggled while fighting people. He was shot, stabbed, and thrown around but he was never in pain for more than a few seconds. “Logan” shows him in 2029, in a world just as dirty and sad as he is. Even Charles Xavier is weak. The prequel movies with James McAvoy as Professor X sometimes show him in a poor light, but he finally shows signs of age in “Logan.” Just like The Wolverine, he can’t control what’s left of his powers. “Logan” was also very bloody, on par with “Deadpool” or a horror movie. Some of the combat of the movie had people covering their mouths in either disgust or amazement. The film shows more of the character Caliban, who was only recently brought to the movies in “X-Men: Apocalypse.” The plot and dialogue leaves a lot unexplained as to what happened in the years before 2029 though. Audiences and critics received the movie very well though, and some people even venture so far as to say it’s the best “X-Men” movie. I believe it depends on experiences with other movies, and how you know the characters.