Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

“Power Rangers” was released recently, and many people are discussing the involvement Krispy Kreme has in advertising the movie and also their role in the plot itself. Deals have been made between the doughnut chain and the companies behind the movie. If you’ve been to Krispy Kreme lately, some of the boxes have a Power Rangers design on them. Krispy Kreme has also been offering Power Rangers themed doughnuts that have either a blue, yellow, red, pink or black lightning bolt on them. . Parts of the movie also take place inside of a Krispy Kreme. The Zeo crystal, which gives the Power Rangers their powers, is buried underneath a Krispy Kreme. A battle scene also takes place at a new Krispy Kreme in Angel Grove, where the movie takes place. Rita Repulsa, the movie’s antagonist, even takes a bite out of a doughnut in the middle of battle. The advertisement of Krispy Kreme is apparent enough that it has an effect, but it’s not too “in your face” to be annoying. Krispy Kreme’s AOR said that “it’s integral to the story in a non-obtrusive way.” People should be watching a movie, not a commercial. It also adds some humor to the movie, which some people thought it needed because of the movie’s overall serious tone. The line “Circle the Krispy Kreme and make sure it’s safe!” certainly makes it seem more like a fun, half-serious movie instead of just a bunch of dark, gritty action. Power Rangers and Krispy Kreme is an unlikely pair, but it made for a few funny moments for audiences.