Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

I really enjoy being outside. Where I used to live, my yard was the same size as some of the classrooms here at school. We had a nice garden and I would play with the bugs and my little brother every day. We could walk to the beach if someone walked with us, but that wasn’t often. Now I live on a farm and I have so much more space to move around. My favorite time to be outside is when it’s about to rain and the sky gets dark and there’s only a little bit of light coming through the clouds. Being out in the rain is also nice, but it’s always gross afterwards when everything is soggy and it looks so bad outside. Sometimes when its summer and it’s still warm when it rains, I’ll go for a walk outside. The wind that comes with the rain is the best part about it. Sometimes I’ll keep my window open and the wind will knock everything off my windowsill. Whenever I see it getting dark outside, I make sure that the chickens are inside of the fence so they can get inside once it starts to rain, and I sit out on a bench underneath a tree until that one solitary raindrop falls on my arm to warn me that it’s time to get inside. Extreme weather makes it seem cozier inside. There’s something nice about knowing that everything outside is being rained on and we get to keep warm in our houses. The calm before the storm and the things that follow really make me happy. Much happier than snow or sunny days ever could.