Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

I have very mixed feelings about the end of the school year. There are parts that make me happy, and parts that annoy me. The worst thing about the end of the school year is that people’s behavior slowly deteriorates. There are always the people that act like they can do anything they want because school’s almost over. Something else that’s annoying is that there are people missing most days, and there’s a different event every few days that messes up the schedule. When you are in class, most of the time you’re watching a movie. I’d rather watch a movie than do math, but sometimes it gets to the point where most of your classes consist of watching half of a movie. It’s sad having to say goodbye to your teachers. There are some people I wouldn’t mind teaching me for the rest of high school. At least most of the teachers will be there next year. The seniors won’t though. There’s a few that I really like and I know I’m going to miss them. I’ve made some really good friends this year and I’m excited to make more next year. I like the feeling that I have at the end of the year too. It’s like Christmas, when everyone knows something really great is happening soon, and you’re constantly thinking about it in the back of your mind. I might be going on vacation this year, which is exciting. It’s not sure, but I’m either visiting family in Massachusetts, North Carolina, or Washington. I’d be excited even if I just stay home. The end of the school year is bittersweet, but mostly sweet.