Shane Morehead, Staff Writer

My freshman year has been an amazing experience, and it’s been my best year of school. Out of the four schools I’ve been to, Heritage High School is my favorite. I appreciate that the teachers here seem to like their jobs, and that they care about my education. I’ve learned much more than just curriculum this year. I’ve genuinely enjoyed my time here. My favorite class is Journalism. Last year when I was signing up for classes, I saw Journalism, and I thought it sounded fun, so I signed up for it. I didn’t know anything about the class, but it turned out to be a good choice. I’ve met a lot of really good friends through this class. I’m looking forward to my sophomore year, and the years after it. I’ve changed this year, and I’m glad I have. I’m sure that I’ll be even more different at the end of the next year.

I’m also looking forward to my summer. My summer starts two hours and forty-five minutes from now. On June 6, I’ll be flying to Pasco, Washington, to meet my Grandfather and my Step-Grandmother. I’ve been to every state on the East Coast (except for Florida), and it’s exciting that I’ll be going to the West Coast now. I’ll be turning 15 over the summer, and I’m planning on getting my permit. I want to go out and do more over this summer. I also want to ride my bike more. Regardless of what I do, I’m sure I’ll enjoy my summer, and my next years of high school.