E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Space is a continuous area that seems to have no end. This area holds so many possibilities, but space can also be a place of dreams and wishes. For example, many children wish to be astronauts and travel to the many planets. Scientists and engineers are working together to fulfill their dreams of discovery.

It is actually interesting to think about this endless section that takes basically all of our time and technology only to regain little back, leaving us to fill in the pieces with our imaginations. Who would have thought this unknown place would bring forth so many controversies of aliens or other types of life? I mean, scientists have decided Pluto was basically just a rock, but others see it as a planet or moon because that’s what they believe. This unknown area also brought forth many paintings, but each of these paintings are different. Most show color and brightness. I mean, is space really that colorful and bright, or is it just filled with mystery and deception?

I think it is also amazing that there are so many wormholes. They can bring forth so much imagination. For example, why in the middle of a deserted place? I’m sure scientist have answered that question, but that is not very fun to think about. What about that wormhole being a portal to another part of space?

Our ability to imagine and our understanding of space is endless! What do you think about when you think of space?