E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Unless you are one of those students who are able to cram and pass without trying, studying is needed. So I conjured up some study tips to help everyone, whether you are able to cram and pass or you study for what seems like forever and fail.

Study tip one would be to take notes in blue pen and highlighters. Researchers have discovered that writing things in blue pen helps you to remember it better. What I have found is that making the notes colorful will make me more interested to look it over. So use highlighters to make your notes colorful.  

Study tip two would be to chew mint gum in class. This especially helps if you aren’t able to eat food during class. If you chew mint gum while listening to a lesson or reviewing notes and then chew that same flavor of gum during your test, you will be able to remember it easier.

Study tip three is to listen to music while studying and have a comfortable place to work where you can put all of your school stuff out and have it organized by what needs to be done first by the order of your classes or by the order of when it is due. The music can distract you from other things in life while studying, and, like chewing the gum, it can also help with remembering the lesson that the is test over.

There are different learning types, of course; these are just some tips that have helped me.