E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Have you heard of Impact2One? It is a special partnership between Heritage and the people in Tomás Borge to create the Katie Beth Carter High School. Tomas Borge is located a few miles outside of León, Nicaragua. The children of this small community attend overflowing primary schools. Only a few go to the secondary schools within walking distance because most of the children have to drop out to help their families earn money to pay for expenses and basically to just live. So Heritage and the North Georgia community decided to help build a school for the children of Tomás Borge so they can gain a secondary education.

Impact2One has decided to create a t-shirt fundraiser to help pay for this school. If you want to help Heritage create the Katie Beth Carter High School in Tomás Borge, you can buy one of the t-shirts they are selling in the main office, but there are not many shirts to choose from, and they are running low. If you know a group of people who are willing to buy some t-shirts, then they can contact Coach Slaughter so he can pre-order some more.

How will it help if I buy one of these shirts? It helps because all of the money they earn will be sent to Tomás Borge so they can continue to build the Katie Beth Carter High School.