E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Fear is a natural instinct that happens when you see or feel something unsettling. It causes panic, and in some cases, destruction. It wears us down and it prevents us from using our brain. It is something everyone has in common. But, is fear a good thing? Fear is actually a great thing because it can be a way to keep us in check. Fear can be brought up in dangerous situations because it is intended to keep us safe. Fear can also go hand and hand with courage because being fearful can bring out our courageous side. There is also such a thing as bad fear, which can be unhealthy depending on the situation. This kind of fear keeps us on a path of being uninspired. It is focused around “what if?” and this can keep the blood out of our brains, which is where we need it most. But, having bad fear is tied into fear being good because it keeps us grounded to the real world, or the world we know.

Everyone has something to fear and are sometimes embarrassed or unwilling to express it, but they shouldn’t be. I believe that you should share your fears, even if it is just with your closest friends. If you express it, you may be able to overcome it. Instead of it staying with it dragging you down, one thing to remember is that you cannot get rid of fear because it is actually a good thing for people to have.

With this I ask you . . . What are you afraid of?