S. Morehead

S. Morehead

Shane Morehead, Entertainment Editor

With so many streaming services to watch our movies and play our music, the need for physical copies has lessened. Many people argue for the importance of physical copies, and it’s a hotly debated issue. Both sides have valid arguments. On one hand, it’s a lot easier to pay for a monthly subscription to a service like Netflix or Hulu than it is to buy tons of DVD’s. On the other hand it’s reassuring to know that in the event of some gigantic apocalypse where the internet is no longer functional, you still have copies of your movies and music.

I prefer using a streaming service, but I like having the peace of mind that I have something tangible that my favorite movies are stored in. It isn’t convenient to have 6,000 DVDs in my house, but “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “Paddington” deserve to be there. Just in case of the apocalypse. I like having movies to lend to someone. I also like knowing that if there’s a rainy day and my internet is down, then I’m able to watch a movie. The idea of not being able to kind of scares me. I know that’s silly to be so reliant on movies and shows, but they can comfort me when I need comforting. There’s something about it that makes me happy. As for music, the idea of vinyl records and CD’s taking up place in my future home doesn’t appeal to me, so I’ll probably get an iPod with my favorite music on it.