E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

This year is Heritage’s 10th annual prom. It will be hosted at the Chattanooga Convention Center on Saturday, April 28th. The theme for the prom this year is Space Jam, and it is only for  juniors, seniors, and their dates. Students are allowed to bring dates from other schools with a school administrator’s approval before you can buy them their ticket. The tickets will be sold during the month of March. Seniors will be receiving free tickets. The dress code for prom is different from previous years. Students are allowed to wear converse or any type of athletic shoe. However, sandals, flip flops, or an athletic cap is not allowed during the dance. If students do not meet this dress code criteria, they will not be allowed to enter the dance. The dress code also applies to dates from other schools. Students should remember that once they leave the prom area, they are not allowed to re-enter. If there is an emergency, staff and security will accompany the students to their car. Students without a ticket will not be allowed to enter the dance. The school rules still apply, even though students are not in school. If a student disobeys the normal school rules will be subjected to discipline.

Prom is a night to remember, so dance your heart out without ruining it for everyone else there. If you are bring a date from another school and need a permission slip or aren’t clear on the dress codes, you can find them on the school’s website. For more information, contact the Class of 2019 sponsors or one of the 2019 class officers.