E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

What do you think about when you hear the word books? Do you think about millions of pages with a bunch of words? What about book reports or school? Books are so much more than those things. They are a way to escape and travel to places you may want to visit. They can also take you on so many adventures. For some people, reading a book can cause security in life. For example, you many be going through a rough time with a boyfriend/girlfriend or your dog died. Reading can allow adventure and can allow a pathway to freedom, so maybe you can have time to think about the situation and return to it after reading. The book can also give ideas on how to react or solve the problem you are try to escape.

I believe everyone should read a “real” book because it relieves stress, it improves knowledge, and it improves memory. The reason reading books relieves stress is because reading has a positive effect on the body. Books are an amazing source of information. You can gain new information that you might not otherwise have known. Many people may not have realized that reading a book can improve their memory. It improves memory because you have to remember the background of characters, as well as the setting, and the subplot of the story. This especially improves a person’s memory if they have to do a book report about the book. As the brain develops the ability to remember everything, it will improve other memories too. There are so many more reasons why books are an amazing asset to people, but those were just a few examples of the advantages books can bring to the world.