E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

This week is Unfinished Week! It is led by Isabelle Hill and Bryce McDaniel. They organized this so that students will be able to see that there is light through all of the darkness surrounding them. This is Heritage’s second year hosting Unfinished Week, and they would really appreciate it if all of the students participated during this week.

Monday, March 19, is “Make a Connection” Day. This is the day students will be able to reflect on the connections they have with the adults. The goal is for every student to have a least one adult in the building that they can trust to talk about their problems with. Students will also be wearing their Unfinished T-shirts. Tuesday, March 20, is “What Do You Have Unfinished?” Day. This is day where students will be allowed to write on the wall the things they plan to do or want to finish in their lifetime. Wednesday, March 21, is the day where we have to reflect on the things that will stick with you. Students will be able to write down their favorite memories and compliments with and to others on sticky notes and give it to them.

Thursday, March 23, is “Fast Facts” Day. This is where students will be given locations in the school to go to. The school will get volunteers to be at each location will sign a paper and give them a fact about suicide and mental health. Friday, March 23, is where students will be able to receive a sharpie semicolon tattoo. Administrators and counselors will also have this temporary tattoo. Students will be asked to wear their Unfinished t-shirt.

To end Unfinished Week, Heritage will be hosting an “Out of the Darkness Walk” and will be accepting donations for the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention on Saturday, March 24.