E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Conspiracy theories are one of the world’s most read and watched stories. Conspiracy theories are not only interesting, but they are one of the most weirdly entertaining things to watch unfold. If you don’t know what a conspiracy theory is, it is an explanation of an event or situation that often hypotheses what “actually” happened to cause that situation or event. One of the most popular conspiracy theories is the Illuminati. This conspiracy revolves around a secret group called the Illuminati who have been controlling the world and is trying to create a new government. Another theory is that 9/11 was an inside job, this theory tries to dig more into the attacks that occurred during 9/11. This theory says that there is a community called the truthers that expressed the idea of 9/11. This theory was actually debunked, but many people still believe in this theory. There are also quite a few theories that some celebrities have died and been replaced by clones. Some of these celebrities include Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift.

To me, conspiracy theories are just stories to substitute the truth, but I do enjoy reading them. Anyway, even though I do not read them often, I do see the joy people get from reading them and how they can sometimes blow your mind. I do suggest you read some if you want to be entertained or want to enjoy the thought of certain things happening when they really didn’t. Have fun reading!