E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Safety and security is what every parent wants for their child. That is exactly what every school wants to provide and that what our school is trying to do. Heritage has decided to and has set up a new lock system that will allow the administrators in the front office to see who is entering the building. During school and after school, student and visitors will have to go to the front entrance where they will be able to press a button on the new lock system which will allow them to show their I.D. so they can walk into the school.

Although many students wish we would go back to our old system where we did not have to show our I.D. to get in, this system will allow all student to have a safer and less worrisome time during school. This new system will allow administrators to see new threats and other things that will try and enter the school. This will also allow them to stop the threat before it can cause chaos and destruction to students, administrators, and school property.

So, whether you like this new security or not, it will keep all of the students at Heritage safer and parents happier because they will not worry so much about the safety of their children. Plus, it’s different, which means most students do not know how to use it yet. Give it a year, and you won’t be complaining so much.