E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

It’s that time of the year again – the time where everyone gains an award for their accomplishments while being at Heritage. Wednesday, May 16th, Heritage will host their annual Awards Day Ceremony for all of the students at Heritage. The ceremony is divided up into two different ones due to the amount of students who participate and gain an education at the school. Freshmen and sophomores will be going first at 9:00, which is in the middle of first block. The juniors and seniors will be next and will go at 10:15 during the middle of 2nd block. All students are expected to be there (even if you know that you will not be handed an award), behave well, and encourage all of their classmates as they watch them accept their award for their accomplishments.

By having an Award Day Ceremony, it allows student to be recognized and feel fulfilled for all of their hard work and encourage them to continue on their path to success. It also allows all the students who receive an award or not to see that all of their hard work they do around the school doesn’t go unnoticed. This shows that all of the hard work we are doing pays off, and Heritage hopes that everyone will strive to be successful in their life and hope to accomplish so much more than they can at school. Even if you don’t get an award, it’s a nice ceremony for everyone here.