E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer


It’s that time again. The time to worry about your grades and freak out over the End of Course tests. Though an End of Course test is really nothing to stress over, we cannot forget about them.

Thursday, May 3rd is the English part 1 EOC, and it will continue into English part 2 and 3 on May 4th. Next week, Monday, May 7th, will be Geometry. The 8th will be Algebra 1. On May 9th, there will be an EOC make up day for anyone who missed any of the recent EOCs. After the make up day, they shall continue the testing on May 10th through the 11th, which consists of U.S. History, Economics, Biology, and Physical Science. The 14th through the 16th will be the EOC make up day.

The month of May also consists of the AP Exams, so starting on Monday, May 7th through the 18th, there will be exams for Chemistry, Psychology, Physics 1, Spanish Language, English Literature, Government, Environmental Science, US History, Music Theory, Calculus AB, English Language, World History, Statistics, Human Geography, and last but not least Microeconomics.

The month of May is a stressful, hectic time, but it is also means the end of all of the testing is nearing, so if all you have to do is a couple of tests and a few more days of school, then I am pretty sure we all can deal with it. I wish everyone luck on their test, and I hope that you do not stress too much.